Company Profile
 Clients of ADASCO cover a vast and abundant market reaching distant inland points and not just those at sea. Their services extend from submarines to recreational facilities,. The Gulf of Aqaba and its ports serve its region with fresh produce for its markets and raw materials for various industries. It is also a sunny seaside tourist destination, with a number of Four Star hotels, resorts, spas, and restaurants. Thus, ADASCO ensures quality products and services for its client's.
Adasco, divide into several chains:
One, Hotels & restaurants supplies of Fresh products in Aqaba city. Adasco is the only supplier that cover five starts restaurants & hotels in Aqaba area because of its seriously taking the business to its clients.
Two, Ship Supplies is one of its major target. It is has facilites that capable to storage products reuqested and needed to ships. Also, well trained crow memebers speaks English, Phillipiness, Hindi, and American English. Beside, their expertise on otheir culutre needs of services. Plus, we have independent contracter in all Red Sea areas to cover